North Wind SY 45 m

Barco por terminar Engine: Year: Type: vela Flag: Beam: 9.5 mts Loa: 46 mts Draft: 6.4 mts Displacement: Kg

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Carlos Fandiño Fratamico


Additional features:

1) Aluminum structure as is RRP: 1,340,000e2) Finished project and boat in the water: CONSULT

NOTE: The PVP of point (2) will depend on the country in which it is finished and its quality of finishes.

Overall length: 46 m

Hull length: 45,145 m

Waterline length: 38 m

Beam: 9,515 m

Draft (Min&Max): 3.4 - 6.4 m

Displacement: 260 Tm

Engine: 2 x 725 Hp

Water: 9,400 lt

Fuel: 40,000 lt

Sail area: 880 m²


The carbon rig (cutter - Style rig) and the furling boom carry 880 m² of sail and ensure exciting sailing performance despite its size. The command consoles, rest areas, solarium and jacuzzi are located on the 60' fly-bridge. A 19' tender is placed under the bow deck and is launched into the water using a hidden crane to free up the space in the shape of a pool.The transom opens as a bathing platform and houses another 16' tender.A pneumatically operated daggerboard maintains the draft low in port (3.4 m) and descends to increase sailing performance in navigation (6.40 m) All The maneuver is automated. The contained beam ensures good performance both under sail and under motor with a speed of 14 knots using two Caterpillar 725 HP engines. in the project and it is estimated that with these two engines it will give a cruising speed of: engines for a cruising speed of 14knots.

Length overall (approx)?45.06 mts.
Water line length (approx.) ?38.87 mts.
Maximum beam (approx)9.40 mts.
Draft ,  (approx.) 6.40mts.

Sail area (upwind) 1010 ?m2
Total ballast 60 tons

Tanks capacity
Fuel tanks;40000 lts.
Fresh water tank; 9000lts.
Grey/black water: 2000 lts.

Displacement (approx.)
light and dry : 270 tons
full load : 307 tons

Propulsion plant
2 x Caterpillar C18 developing at C rating conditions (4000 hours per year at 100% horse power, 6 hours on 12) 725 mhp @ 2.100 rpm.

Electrical generating plant
2 generating sets Caterpillar C4.4 86 ekW 50 Hz, 380volt, 3 Phase, 1500 rpm, electronic controlled, EPA approved.

Desalinization plant:
N°2 fully automatic integrated plant, for a capacity of up to 180 l /hour each, Tecnicomar.

Naval Architect and Designer:
Studio Scanu & Barracuda yachts

Marine Project:
North Wind Shipping



The vessel will be capable of the following performances :
Speed continuous, 1/2 load?13?knots
Maximum speed?14?knots
Range at 10 Knots?4000?n.m.


The intent of these specifications and accompanying plans will describe the details of all technical matters relative to the construction of a long range motor-sailor.
If any discrepancy is found between the contract and specifications, the specifications shall prevail in all technical aspects and the contract shall prevail in all other aspects.
If any discrepancy is found between the specifications and the accompanying drawings, the former shall prevail. However the yacht when delivered shall be completed in all respects and anything omitted in the specification that may be necessary for proper operation of the yacht will be included by the Builder.
Where the word "or" is used in the specifications to indicate that the use of alternative items will be permitted, it shall be understood to mean "at Builder's option and with the Owner's approval."
Except for those items of equipment specifically supplied by the Owner, the Builder shall supply all items necessary for the normal operation of the yacht.
The Yacht shall be built in accordance with the specifications and corresponding engineering drawings executed by North Wind Shipping, Studio Scanu and Barracuda Yacht.

No modification can be made by the Builder without the agreement of the Owner. 

Guarantee is considered according to the terms of the contract.


The Yacht, including its machinery, equipment and fitting accessories, will be provided with the classification:

RINA Yacht Class 100A1 Maltese Cross
and will be constructed in accordance with the rules and regulations of
R.I.N.A. Guide for Building and Classing Charter Pleasure Yachts.
International Convention of Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972.
U.S.C.G. regulations for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.
All Rules, Regulations and Codes applied will be those current at the time of signing the Contract.
All necessary certificates and documents for the proper and unimpeded operation of the Yacht fully classed will be obtained by the Builder and supplied to the Owner at the time of delivery of the Yacht and will include:
Classification Certificate(s) issued by RINA, or interim Certificate(s).
Builder's Certificate issued by the Builder.
Navigation lights certificate.
Compass adjustment Report.
Yacht brand North Wind under builder of Owner´s chocice.


The National flag will be decided by owner.



The following capitalized words shall have the following meanings throughout these Technical Specifications:

Acceptance.?As defined in the Construction Agreement

Builder.?The person or limited company designated as the Builder in the Construction Agreement:

Business Days.?As defined in the Construction Agreement

Classification Certificate.?See definition in Paragraph A.4 (Classification Requirements, Certificates and Booklets)

Classification Society.?Registro Navale Italiano (RINA)

Classification Society Rules. The Special Service Craft Regulations, in the part applicable to motor yacht classification, as of the Effective Date

COLREGS.?The convention on the International Regulations for preventing collisions at sea, 1972, as amended through the date the keel of the Yacht is laid

Construction Agreement.?The Agreement between the Owner and the Builder dated ___ to construct the Yacht, as such Agreement may be amended from time to time

Delivery Date.?As defined in the Construction Agreement

Draft.?As defined in the Classification Society Rules

Drawings.?As defined in Paragraph B.3 & B.4

Effective Date.?As defined in the Construction Agreement, currently ____
Exterior Designer.??Studio Scanu srl & Barracuda

Yacht Brand Name. ?North Wind Yachts MS/Y 45 mts

Flag Administration.?The Maritime Regulatory Agency as recognized by the IMO for the Flag State

Flag State.??As designated in Paragraph A.5 (Flag State), currently the United Kingdom as of the Effective Date

Full Load.?100% of the maximum capacity of all tanks as determined when the Yacht has completed sea trials while carrying 1 metric ton of Owner’s kit and complement of crew, plus 21 persons

Half Load.?50% of the maximum capacity of all tanks while carrying 1 metric ton of Owner’s kit and complement of crew, plus 21 persons

ICLL.?International Convention on Load Lines, 1966, as amended, through the date the keel of the Yacht is laid

IMO.?International Maritime Organization, 4 Albert Embankment, London, UK

Insurance.?As defined in the Construction Agreement

Interior Designer.?As defined in the Construction Agreement

Interior Drawings.?As defined in Paragraph B.4

Interior Specifications.?The specifications for the interior of the Yacht, the preliminary version of which are attached to the Construction Agreement as Appendix E.

Referrence photos: As attached to these specifications as the interior will be very similar in style to that of “Bushido”.

ITC. ?International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships 1969 and International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, as amended, through the date the keel of the Yacht is laid

Length Between Perpendiculars or LBP. ?As defined by Classification Society Rules

Length Overall or LOA.?As defined by Classification Society Rules

MARPOL.?The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973/1978, as amended through the date the keel of the Yacht is laid

Molded.?Dimensions referring to the interior surface of the plating on the shell of the Yacht

Naval Architect.?Studio Scanu srl and their representatives Barracuda yacht

Marine Project?The person or company in chart of the whole project North Wind Shipping.

Owner.?The person or company designated as owner in the Construction Agreement with the Builder.

Owner’s Representative. ?Is the Marine Project (North Wind Shipping) and their representative designated under the Construction Agreement as the Owner’s Representative and their appointed representatives.

Owner’s Surveyor.? Any persons appointed by North Wind Shipping and approved by the Owner to carry out surveying and inspection of the Yacht, during the construction of the Yacht, on behalf of the Owner.

Owner’s Supplies.?As defined in Paragraph B.23 (Owner’s Supplies) and in the Interior Specifications

Project Manager.?Any persons appointed by North Wind Shipping (NWS) and approved by the Owner as defined in the Construction Agreement

Shipyard.?As defined in the Construction Agreement

SOLAS.?The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea [SOLAS 174], as amended, through the date the keel of the Yacht is laid

Technical Specifications:?The specifications set forth in this set of technical specifications of the Yacht, as they may be amended from time to time pursuant to the Construction Agreement

Yacht.?The vessel generally described in Section 1 (Description of the Yacht), which is being constructed by the Builder pursuant to the Construction Agreement


In the event of a conflict or discrepancy, the Construction Agreement has precedence over the Technical Specifications, the Drawings and the Interior Drawings.
In the event of a conflict or discrepancy, the requirements of the Classification Society Rules and MCA shall supersede these Technical Specifications, the Drawings, the Interior Specifications and the Interior Drawings.

The Technical Specifications have precedence over the Drawings.

The Technical Specifications have precedence over the Interior Specifications and the Interior Drawings for technical matters.
Interior Drawings signed by the Interior Designer and the Owner shall be deemed to override the Contractual Drawings in terms of final layout of the furniture.


The Builder shall provide the Naval Architect with all information requested by the Naval Architect including information about co-ordination plans, service manuals, exploded drawings with indexes and parts lists, electrical and electronic drawings with parts lists of all the engineering, ship, domestic, and service components of the Yacht as far as available from the manufacturers and without excluding information related to the “as built” condition.

Numbering by the Naval Architect shall correspond with the computer file name, which consists of three digits and a set of letters. The three digits are the project number and the letters are both the identification of the computer file and of the drawing. Each revised drawing shall bear an additional capital letter, starting with A.

The Builder may add his own numbering system, but in correspondence with the Naval Architect he must use the identification used by the Naval Architect.

When Drawings are issued by any party, a sheet detailing the latest revisions is to accompany them. All parties are to be sure they are using the latest revision. In case of uncertainty, they should request the Naval Architect, Interior Designer or Builder to issue the latest information.

All parties are to issue all drawings printed on paper and as PDF (Acrobat Reader) or DWG (AutoCAD) computer files.

The Naval Architect shall deliver one copy of all the structural and technical drawings to the Builder by hand or by express courier.

On receiving the drawings the Builder shall have ten Business Days to respond in writing to the Naval Architect with any requests or objections. After this period, if no comments or requests have been received the Naval Architect shall assume that the Builder has accepted the drawings.

The Builder shall submit, by hand or by express courier, one copy of each detailed workshop joinery drawings to the Naval Architect and the Interior Designer for approval by each of them.

The Builder shall issue the Owner Representative, or, on his indication, the Naval Architect or the Owner Surveyor, copies of any detailed workshop construction drawings upon request.

Workshop Drawings issued by the Builder that have not been approved by the Owner Representative and, for the interior construction drawings, by the Interior Designer, due to outstanding comments and objections shall be deemed as not being approved by the Owner.

The Builder, Naval Architect and Interior Designer shall issue the Owner’s Representative and Owner’s Surveyor any drawing on request.

All electronically transmitted drawings generated by the Naval Architect or the Interior Designer and utilized by the Builder shall keep their original labelling and shall remain the property and copyright of the Naval Architect and the Interior Designer, respectively. See Paragraph B.26 (Copyright).


Drawings and other design documents and calculations supplied by the Naval Architect are as follows (“Drawings”):

General Design Work:
Layout of each deck in scale 1:50
Side view of the Yacht
Technical specifications
Weight and center of gravity estimate
Longitudinal section
Tanks capacity plan
Preliminary stability calculations
Speed calculations, with a Velocity Prediction Program
Range calculations.

Naval Architecture Package:
Lines plan
Offset table
Equipment number calculations
Propeller calculations
Hydrostatic calculations
Stability calculations in intact conditions, departure & arrival
Stability calculations in damaged conditions, departure & arrival
Tanks Capacity plan
Navigation lights plan

Hull Structure Package:
Hull construction longitudinals
Decks and double bottom construction
Midship section
Welding schedule
Typical Sections
Bow structure
Stern structure
Oil tight and watertight bulkheads
Oil tight and watertight bulkheads
Engine room construction
Bow thruster structure
Propeller bracket structure
Rudders bearing structure
Daggerboard details
Daggerboard casing

Hull structure, fitting out drawings.
Typical manhole
Bulwark construction
Crane arrangement
Anchor windlass base
Anchor pocket
Draught marks
Garage door structure
Garage door hinges
3D hull shape in IGES format
Passerelle door
Swimming platform fitting out
Port holes mounting
Hull windows mounting

Superstructure Construction Package:
Shapes of superstructure in 3D IGES format
Lofting plans for superstructures
Longitudinal structures of superstructure
Decks structures for superstructures
Structures, all sections, for superstructures
Structures, bulkheads, for superstructures
Windows plan
Cockpit arrangement

Sea water cooling system
Lubrication oil system
Drainage system
Hot and cold water system
Sewage and sanitary system
Bilge and fire system
CO2 system
Engine room ventilation system 
Compressed air system
Diesel oil transfer
Diesel oil in engine room
Tank vent lines
Cathodic protection plan
Air conditioning system
Propulsion and Machinery:
Engine room layout
Main engine bolting down
Shafting line arrangement
Propeller brackets
Generator seats
Main engine exhaust system
Generator exhaust system
Typical machinery seats
Sea chest
Rudder blade
Rudder stock
Steering arrangement + emergency system
Bow thruster arrangement

Interior Fitting Out:
Technical general arrangement
Engine room ventilation ducting in superstructure
Engine room ventilation grills
Floating floor construction
Fire protection plan
Wheelhouse arrangement
Garage fitting out
Cradles for tenders
Details of fire protected bulkheads
Fan extraction system
Ballast subdivision

Exterior Fitting Out:
Mooring arrangement
Deck plan
Fixed sun shades plan
Aerials plan
Teak deck plans
Life rafts arrangement
Navigation lights
External lights
External ceiling panels
Yacht’s name
Cap rail details
External steering details
Tanks filling points
Built in external furniture
Flag pole
Navigation lights bases
Jacuzzi arrangement
Ladders and stairs

Plans for Yacht Delivery:
Safety plan
Docking plan
Paint line
Instructions to the Ship Master
Tanks sounding plan
Interior Design Drawings
The Interior Designer shall: 
supply the design for interior decoration at a standard of detail, accuracy and presentation at the minimum level of the current interior decoration work of the yacht Bushido;
select, with the Owner, the furniture, fixtures, and floor and window treatment for the entire Yacht;
oversee the construction of the Yacht to assure that the interiors are built pursuant to the Drawings, the Interior Designer Specifications;